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Monday, March 20, 2006

What Gyms Should Do about Pandemic Flu

At the gym, the entry point for flu virus is likely to be more HANDS than LUNGS, since most of the machines are at least three feet apart.

The fix is pretty simple: I think that starting now gyms should have containers of alcohol-based cleanser in key spots, so that people can have clean hands going to the machines and can certainly clean them after they have gripped all the grips for that session. A good place to start would be to put containers on the counter at the entrance, the locker room of course, and also on top of the cubby holes where people store their stuff if they don't use a locker. These spots are more obvious than a dispenser on a wall somewhere, and will remind people to use them. A little publicity wouldn't hurt either. Make a squirt part of the sign in/sign out process.

I assume that each gym has a regular cleaning schedule for the machines. For the grips they should be using a disinfectant cleaner, if they aren't already. Might be a good thing for you to check with your gym to see what they use and how often they use it.